February 24, 2009

Chris' 30th Birthday Party

This past weekend was filled with a birthday extravaganza and Buckeye basketball game. Saturday started with me waking up at 8:30 am to head to school for parent teacher conferences. Honestly, what school needs to have conferences on a Saturday? Well, apparently my principal thought it was a good idea. I only had four parents show up the whole day, indicating that Saturday was not a good day to hold conferences. On the bright side though, I got a lot of planning and preparing done for the next couple of weeks. When I got home I started to decorate and prepare for Chris' birthday party. I was really excited to have friends and family come over to help party and celebrate his 30th birthday. I decided to go with an Ohio State Buckeyes theme. He attended the University for college and still ushers the football games. He is a huge Buckeye fan and we have a room devoted to all things Ohio State. So, I thought this theme would be fitting. I had a cake made with the "Block O" on it and a pinata that looked like the OSU football players helmet. It was great. We set up a beer pong table using our OSU cornhole games. It worked really well and the extra hole provided and extra challenge. One of our friends decided to call it cornpong. If your ping-pong ball went through the cornhole hole and landed in the cup on the floor you had to drink a whole can of beer. It was an extra fun challenge. The evening went great and we had a lot of fun drinking, partying, and playing cornpong. My dad and a friends dad proved to be the team to beat. They rocked at the game!
On Sunday we went to the OSU basketball game. We sat in the upper deck of the stadium. Even though it was up high we still had a good time. The view was great up there and gave us a chance to see all the action going on down below. Before the game Chris took a picture of a Brutus Buckeye statue that looked like Indiana Jones. The statues are all over the arena and other areas of OSU. Each statue is Brutus Buckeye dressed as a different person or character. They are really cool to look at. The weekend was a blast and it was great to spend it with my husband, family, and friends. I look forward to the next time we can all get together again. I hope it will be soon.
Weekend Festivities

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