February 15, 2009

Festive Weekend..

It has been a great couple of days. Friday I had a Valentine's Party at school for my kindergartners. Valentine's sure has changes since I was their age in school. I can remember little cards that I would write each of my classmates name on, seal in an envelope, and take to school to pass out. These days the cards come with pencils, stickers, tatoos, candy, and who knows what else. They are all extremly cute and festive. The children had a wonderful time passing out their hand picked cards for each of their classmates. We then had a little party filled with cupcakes, candy, and punch. I was amazed at how many snacks parents sent in for our little Valentine's celebration. I'm glad we did the party on a Friday so I could send them home all sugared up and have a three day weekend for them to calm down :)
After school on Friday my husband and I celebrated our Valentine's date together. We went out to dinner at our favarite restaurant The Cheesecake Factory and then saw "He's Just Not That Into You." The dinner was really nice and the movie is very cute, funny, and packed full of great actors and acrtresses. It was a great movie to watch for our Valentine's date. We celebrated on Friday because one of my best friends from college came into town on Saturday with her husband to visit. I've not seen her since Christmas and she is pregnant and I was so excited to see her with her cute pregnant belly and hear how things are going. We had a wonderful time hanging out, catching up, and shopping for baby items. It was great seeing them again.
Today we celebrated my husbands 30th birthday with family. His actual birthday isn't unti tomorrow, but today we did the famly thing for his birhthdy. Dinner followed by cake and icecream at our house. It was a nice time to have both families together. Tomorrow I am off of school for President's Day and my husband took the day off for his birthday. We are going to go out to lunch and shop around. I am excited for him to enter this next milestone in his life and I hope his birthday is a great one. Next week I am throwing a big 30th birthday party for him at our house with all of his friends. It has been a busy weekend so far, but lots of fun!

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