April 12, 2009

Easter in Sidney

I'm in Sidney right now at my parents house celebrating Easter. We went to Church and came back home to have brunch and chill for the day. Yesterday Chris and I came into to town to have dinner with the rest of the family at g-pa's house. It was nice to see the relatives. Most of the family we only see at Christmas and Easter so it's been a while. After dinner we went bowling with the parents and my brother. Sidney's bowling ally is a lot different then C-bus. It only has 10 lanes maybe, compared to 64 at the place Chris bowls at. It was pretty fun and interesting because it was glow bowl. Lot's of glowing flashing lights and random pictures of pins and bowling balls flying around the place made it fun. I bowled ok for the most part and each game it went up in score... not to bad. Dad on the other hand rocked it out with and average of 220 each game. His name was Gimp Arm because of his arm that he broke a while ago. Gimp Arm should of been called kick ass arm because of his scores. It's always a good time with the fam, especially when bowling and boozes are involved.

Check out the shoes. Daniel's are the bright orange, glowing pair.

Sweet names, courtesy of Chris

Let the fun begin.

Whoa glow bowling.

Gimp Arm is kicking ass

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