April 16, 2009

Spring Break so Far

I've been enjoying the spring break with my hubby and keeping busy. The beginning of the week was pretty dreary with rainy and cold weather. Today we finally have lots of sun and warmer temps. Spring is finally starting to stick around for a while. Today we painted the hallway and stairwell of our house. We've been wanting to get it done and thought this would be a great week to do it. The paint our house came with is a super light, flat, paint that shows every mark and scratch. I've even tried to Magic Eraser the marks and the eraser leaves marks to. The paint we choose is called Pecan Sandie and is a warm and nice color. I'll post pictures when we are done. The first coat is up and done and tomorrow we will finish it up. Painting getting completed is a task I'm looking forward to checking off my To Do list. Besides the painting we've been keeping busy this spring break and going to make the best of the three days we've got left before starting up work again on Monday.
Spring Break Tidbits
*Easter in Sidney with the fam
*Family glow bowling. Good times, dad kicks butt
*Amish Country day trip
*Sloopy goes to the vet and dinner at Cheesecake Factory for mom-in-law's birthday
*Chris and bowling team win league champ after a 4 game bowl off
*Paint, paint, paint
* Oh, and a side note, I ordered a People Magazine subscription today. Love that mag and can't wait to get the first one in the mail!

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