June 29, 2009

Meeting Dr. Phillips and Thurman Cafe

So it finally happened today... we got to meet Dr. Phillips!!!!! I know, an excess of exclamation points, but I need to show my excitement because we have been waiting a while for this day to come. Dr. Phillips is the surgeon who will be repairing Chris' aortic root. It's nice to finally put a face to the person who will be taking care of my husband for 7-9 hours and repairing his heart. He was a kind man and looked younger then what I thought he was going to. I am glad he is young though. The surgery is going to be long and tedious. I don't want an old man who needs breaks or has to sit to get through the procedure. He looks strong and meticulous in his work. He performs these surgeries several times a week and there is an average of one adult a week at Children's. I feel confident that if he can work on a teeny tiny newborns heart, then he will have no problem with Chris'. What they are going to do is take the part of the aorta that is damaged out and replace it with a mechanical part. We got to see and hold exactly what is going to be used in his heart and get the full details of how it is going to be done. It was really interesting to be able to see what will be used for the repair and hold them while he discussed with us the surgery. With these mechanical devises Chris aortic root will be back to "normal" and he wont need it replaced again. There was another option with a tissue implant but it would need to be replaced in 15-20 years. Why go through another procedure when you can have mechanical parts and not need to? The only downside is he has to take a blood thinner the rest of his life. Chris, be careful at work and watch those cuts! I swear, he comes home everyday with a new cut on his arm and has no idea of how it got there. Typical man. After our discussion with Dr. Phillips we met a kind nurse who took us on a tour of the ICU where Chris will be spending his first and possibly second night of recovery. I am a very visual person and like to know what things look like and what to expect before I have to go someplace or do something. It was nice to get this mental image to help prepare myself for when Chris will be in there. I don't do well with hospitals and never have been able to stomach them for to long. I know that this will be a test for me but it is something that I will do and be strong while doing it for my husband. All in all it was a very informational day and I feel prepared and ready for July 17 and the long hall afterwards. I am going to stay with him the whole time in the hospital and always be by his side. I love him so much and I want him to know that I am rooting for him to get better. I know he would do the same for me and like I said almost three years ago on July 15, "For better, or worse, in Sickness, and in health."
After our visit at Children's we headed over to Thurman Cafe. I've heard a lot of good reviews about this place and numerous people have ranted and raved about the hamburgers. The place is a little hole in the wall covered from floor to ceiling with memorabilia and chachkies. It was a fun place. The hamburgers, oh my the hamburgers!!! They were huge and the absolute best hamburger I've ever had. I prepared for the early dinner by not eating anything all day before hand. I'm sure glad I did that or there would be no way I could eat that thing. It was yummy and fun. I highly recommend that if you are downtown close to German Village that you stop at Thurman Cafe. Go early in the day and try to avoid the weekend. The place is tiny and doesn't have much seating room. If it gets busy be prepared to wait for a couple of hours. However, the wait is well worth it!

Inside of Thurman Cafe. I don't think they could cram another thing on the wall. I love it though!

Chris gearing up for his ginormous burger!

Isn't it huge? I got the three cheese burger. It was yummo!

Chris is enjoying his pizza burger.

Look, he's a clean platter!

I am to! Well, almost. I did manage to eat all of my burger, but that was about it.

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