July 21, 2009

Day 2

I woke up really early this morning and had a hard time falling back to sleep. I decided to go stay with Chris and see how he was doing. When I went to his room at 5:30 he was awake because they just did an x-ray on his chest. He said that through the night it went pretty good. He had a hard time sleeping because every time he fell asleep the nurse (Abby 2) would come in and give some medication or look at his stats. We talked for a while and then soon after Dr. Phillips came in to do a check up and discuss how things are going. He was happy how the drainage tubes looked and said things are progressing nicely. The only downside of this is his left hand is numb and will be for a while. They nicked a nerve when trying to put an IV in and caused some numbness. They hope that he will regain feeling sometime tomorrow. If not, then we have to talk to some other doctors to see what can be done.
The majority of the day we spent talking and taking little naps here and there. They were able to take the catheter out and he sat up in the chair for a couple of hours. He is progressing smoothly and rather quickly. He was even able to get back into bed mostly on his own after sitting in the chair for a while. He will be staying here in the ICU for tonight as a precautionary measure and it looks like in the morning he will get to go to the step down unit. Things are looking good and I'm sure tonight is going to be a long night with nurses and doctors coming in to check on him. I hope Chris can sleep as much as he can and his lungs get stronger for tomorrow. We have been taking pictures of his progress and a little video of him working on some breathing exercises. I'm hoping to post them sometime tomorrow. Thank you again everyone for all the thoughts and prayers. We are coming a long.

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