September 5, 2010

24 Weeks

I'm 24 weeks now and time is going faster then ever. The baby is kicking up a storm and it's the most amazing feeling in the world. I actually saw my stomach move while sitting in the chair and couldn't believe it. It's wonderful to think that we are going to have a little on in just a few short months and the preparation has kicked into full swing. My parents came into town to paint the nursery and help get some things in order. We picked a soft yellow color for the walls to go along with the monkey theme and to lighten the room because the furniture is dark. Chris put the crib and changing table together today and it was cute to see Sloopy trying to figure out what was going on. He also tried to help with the directions at one point.

The furniture is in place and the end table which we refinished is done the room is coming a long. We have a few more things to do until completion but the majority is done. 
I'm feeling great and not as tired as I use to and I've not felt sick in a long time. (knock on wood) I've not had to many cravings and nothing has been weird or odd which is good. I'm starting to show and I no longer fit into my clothes, so pregnancy clothes it is. I've found some really cute outfits. Logan is suppose to do more growing in the next week and right now he is a pound and the length of an ear of corn. It's going fast and every step of the way has been exciting! 

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