October 11, 2010

Oct. through Nov. Pumpkin Decoration

I absolutely love pumpkins and decorating with pumpkins. When I saw some pavers at a local hardware store I immediately thought of a pumpkin project. I wanted to make a project that I could put out in October but be able to leave up for Thanksgiving. This gave me the idea of the October though November Paver Pumpkin. During the Halloween season show the side with the festive face. When Halloween is over, turn the pumpkin around and use through November. I hope you enjoy this little darling as much as I do. I've made several and will be giving them to family members as gifts.



Here's how to make your own paver pumpkin:
Supplies Needed:
*Spray Paint Primer
*Orange Spray Paint
*Brown Spray Paint
*Black Paint
Take your paver and spray the primer evenly to cover. You might want to do a couple of coats to make sure you achieve even coverage. When the primer is dry spray the paver orange. After the orange dries, tape off the bottom half of the paver and spray the top half brown. Lastly, paint your face and add the raffia. A simple and quick pumpkin project. 


  1. Good thinking! Thanks for linking up with Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  2. Love your craft projects!! Hope to see some pics of the nursery soon :)

  3. Very cute--I love decorating with pumpkins, too. I like that yours is reversible so it's good for Halloween and fall decorting. Gotta love stuff that's multipurpose!

  4. adorable! I need to find some of these pavers!

  5. So cute. SO did you do a whole bunch and make a path to your front door? JK. That would just be crazy!

  6. cute! i am a new follower!
    -Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl