May 18, 2011


This is going to be a hodgepodge of a post about different events that have been going on in my little part of the world. I want to start by saying I had a wonderful first Mother's Day with my family. My fantastic hubby started the day off by bringing me breakfast in bed. He woke me up (after letting me sleep until 10:00, amazing might I tell you!!) and handed me our little guy already fed and changed. While we cuddled he made cinnamon rolls and coffee and joined me in bed for a wonderful and cozy family breakfast. Wouldn't it be nice to do that every morning? After a relaxing breakfast, my parents and in-laws came over for dinner and to celebrate their day as well. We gave each of them a mom charm for their Pandora bracelets. I was then surprised by a bracelet for myself from my parents, the in-laws, my husband's aunt, and my son. I love the bracelet and have three fabulous charms on it. I can't wait to get more! My husband also got me a mini Keurig coffee machine. Can I just say I was spoiled rotten. It felt like Christmas. The day couldn't of been any better and I am so blessed with a wonderful family and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I am so happy to be a mommy now and love my little monkey to pieces!!
Besides Mother's Day I've been super busy wrapping up the school year. We have two weeks left and my kindergartners are fluttering with excitement and energy. We are preparing for kindergarten graduation and two field trips, all of which will take place in the last two weeks of school. My class has been a joy this year and I can honestly say I have laughed with them every day. They are a group of goofy characters and I am amazed as well as amused of the things they say and think of. It is never a dull day in my kindergarten class! The craziness of the end of the year will be awarded with a wonderful summer ahead. I am looking forward to spending my summer with my little guy and watching him develop and continue to experience new and exciting things. We will be starting food soon, which I will be making, and taking him to our neighborhood pool. I will also be celebrating my five year wedding anniversary in July and preparing for the upcoming school year. It's going to be busy and I'm hoping to get a lot of crafting, blogging, and trying out new recipes in the months to come. All of which I will make sure to post. Have a fantastic rest of May and bring on summer!


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