January 22, 2009

What a Day...

Well what can I say, It's been one of those days. I came home feeling like I just ran a marathon and stressed to the max. The cause of this is my kindergarten class. I usually love teaching this bunch of kiddoes and always have something funny or interesting to report to my husband when I get home. Today on the other had was a different story. I think the cause of the kayos in the room is cabin fever. The weather has been down right chilly and filled with snow. Even though the temperature was fine to go outside today we couldn't because the ground is still covered in snow. Being cooped up in school all day every day for a while can cause anybody to act a little silly and squirmy. I tried to be patient and understanding but the children would not stop talking or acting up. I tried everything from taking things away to even bribing them, but, they didn't' want anything to do with it. I in the end had to take away indoor recess and their sticker for the day. I hope that tomorrow they will calm down a bit and we can get some work done, I am thinking positive but I don't know if it will work because tomorrow is Friday. Friday usually is an indication that the children will act up a little bit because it's the end of the week, I hope this isn't the case but time will tell.
I am having a better evening thanks to my wonderful husband. I came home to find flowers on the counter for me just because he wanted to say he loved me and he cooked dinner tonight. I am so thankful for the pick-me-up and amazing gesture he gave me. The flowers are beautiful and I enjoyed dinner. The evening will be topped off with my two favorite shows Greys Anatomy and Private Practice. A great way to end a stressful day!

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  1. Hey, if the kids keep misbehaving, I can always come in and yell at them in German.

    That'll shut them up for sure. Might freak them out. But they'll be quiet.