January 18, 2009

Unexpected Four Day Weekend!

As many of you know it has been very cold and snowy here in Ohio. Last week on Wednesday we received almost 6 inches of snow and frigid temperature with wind chill. I thought that we would leave school early due to the weather and be out of school on Thursday, but that didn't happen. Being a school teacher it is always nice to have snow days to catch up on things or just a day to relax and distress if needed. I was very surprised up waking up Thursday morning to see that we had school and had to be there on time. I was worried about my kiddoes in my class standing outside in negative weather waiting for the school bus. I myself arrived late to school and I was expecting most of the children to arrive late as well. I have 20 students in my class. 5 were absent on Thursday and 6 were tardy to school. I figured this would be a good indication that we should have not been in school because of the weather. I feel this was what many parents were thinking as well because we were missing numerous children in each class throughout the school. We went through the school day as usual on Thursday and geared up for Friday's lessons. However, on Thursday night we were all excited to find out that Friday there would be no school! It is funny to think that a 25 year old like myself gets just as excited as my kindergardeners when we find out that school will be closed for the day. There is nothing like an unexpected day to sleep in, catch up on errands, and relax. I was so glad I got to do this on Friday. I am even more excited because we don't have school on Monday due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Hence, unexpected four day weekend! This weekend I've had fun spending time with my parents and brother who came into town to visit yesterday and going to the Funny Bone Comedy Club with my husband, brother, and friends. Today has been a lazy day with watching movies, staying warm, and relaxing. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to card making and scrapbooking with one of my friends all day. She is a school teacher too and shares the same passion of making cards and scrapbooking. We figured this would be an excellent day to get together and craft. Plus, we are excited to use my Cricut machine some more and make numerous projects with it. I am also dyeing to try out some neat tips and projects that I found on Splitcoaststampers. I love this website and have found so many awesome project ideas and tips. It is a great website for card making. I hope to also accomplish some card challenges tomorrow during our crafting day. I hope it will be a productive stamping, card-making day, which I am looking forward to!

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  1. hey Abby! Glad to see you are still blogging! I hope everything is going well with you and that your teaching has been going swimmingly! Keep in touch :)

    ps: I think you and I were at Easton the same night! weird! haha.. I was at the movies :)