March 12, 2009

The Down Side of Teaching

I can honestly say that the best job in the world for me is teaching. I love opening my little student's minds to new ideas and expanding their learning and education. With this job does come a down side and that is getting sick. Teaching 20 children five days a week will cause for anybody to catch germs and get ill here and there. I have become a clean freak in my room with constantly spraying Lysol and Clorox wiping everything every day. However some of the pesky little germy bugs still get past all of my obsessive cleaning and cause sickness. This has been the first time this year where I have been really sick. They say each year you teach your immune system gets stronger and you don't get sick as often. This has been true in the three years I've been teaching. I've been much healthier and not getting very sick this year then I have in years past. This time around I caught a very bad stomach bug which required me and the bathroom to become great companions for 24 hours. I've spent most of the day sleeping and recuperating from the pesky germy and am starting to feel close to my normal self again. I am glad to be going back to school tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing the kids again. I will however do another massive round of Lysol and Clorox before I leave tomorrow hoping that being gone over the weekend will knock out any germs left in the room. I know my sickness isn't an exciting topic to read about but I love to blog and this little tidbit helps me feel a little better :)

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