March 29, 2009

Girl's Weekend

It is always nice to end a stressful and long week with a fun and relaxing weekend. My best friend Laura came into town on Friday for a girls weekend and catching up on news and what's going on in each others lives. She could of not picked a better weekend to come. The stress of preparing and taking my Praxis III took a tole on me this week and I was delighted to have her to unwind with and have fun. On Friday after dinner we headed over to Easton to shop around and see a movie. We decided to see Taken and have a drink before the movie at MoJo lounge. I had already seen the movie but was looking forward to seeing it again. It's a great action movie and Liam Neeson is mighty hot with his bad ass skills in the movie. It was a great flick to see with Laura.
On Saturday we headed out to Polaris mall to continue our shopping trip. I like how Polaris has different and unique stores compared to Easton. It's convenient to have two great malls so close to home that have such different atmospheres and stores to choose from. We decided after our shopping that it would be nice to get a manicure. It had been forever since I've had one and I was relieved to have a fresh set of looking nails. After our manicures we head down to Germain Village and went to Schmidt's for linner.( a cross between lunch and dinner). Laura had been looking forward to eating here because of her love for Germain food and the fact that she recently got back from Austria a few months ago after studying there for a year. We ordered our drinks and meals and talked about old times and new events. The weekend was great and I was glad I could unwind and distress with Laura.

The front of Schmidt's.

A closer look

Laura ordered a Germain beer and I ordered Root Beer. They look exactly the same. That is one extremely dark beer!

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  1. I had so much fun this weekend! It was great seeing you again and catching up with you. :) Hope we can do it again soon.

    You had a great idea about getting a manicure. I keep looking down at my nails and loving how they look!

    Thanks for humoring me and my German food craving. :)