March 26, 2009

Thank you for waiting

I am sitting here on my computer looking at the usual things: facebook, twitter, e`mail, and I realized, geesh, it's been a while since I've posted on my blog. I'm sorry for the absence, time has slipped away. I've been pretty busy this past week and when I think about it, it feels like the week should be over with already.
This past weekend we went home to my parents house for a little weekend get-away and family time. When ever we are in town for a long weekend we try to get together with my aunt and uncle as well for family poker night. It is so much fun and only $5.00 to play. My uncle and dad come up with all of these fun and silly poker games to play and it makes it easier for winning I think. I had a lucky night and came away with five more dollars. When we got back to c-bus on Sunday it was time for me to focus on my Praxis III. Praxis III is when a person from the Ohio Department of Education comes into your classroom and observes you teach. You have to put a huge portfolio together and answer a bazillion repetitive questions before and after the observation. It's a big deal and you can't move on to the next stage of licencing until you take and pass the Praxis III. I was really nervous at first, but as soon as I entered my classroom with my kids it was no big deal and the lesson went really well. I'm glad that I have that completed and am now waiting for the official "you passed" letter in the mail. It is really hard to fail, so I have no worries. As soon as that letter arrives in the mail I can get my five year permanent teaching licence. That will be great and I can't wait to get that in my hands.
I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday because this week seems to be taking forever! I'm looking forward to relax and spend the weekend with my best friend. It's a perfect weekend for her to come into town to hang out and catch up on our gossip :)

I had to include an adorable picture of Sloopy sitting on his favorite stoop at my parents house.

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  1. Wait, you have a Twitter? I've been putting off getting one because...I don't know. But if my BFF has one, I might need one.

    And aww, Sloop!