April 27, 2009

It's time fore an Update

Sorry kids, it's been a while since I've posted. Super busy over here this past week or so. It's becoming crunch time at school with the kids. I know we have a month and a half left of school, but the kids have officially checked out. They are only in kindergarten and they are ready to be done with school. I think the nice weather and just coming back from spring break has added in their antsyness and lack of attention. May and June are two frustrating months for teachers and what seems to take the longest to get over. I'm ready for school to be out and to take a break from the kids for a while. It takes a lot of patience to teach and I feel I have tons of patience. However, some days I feel I have less then others. It's almost done for the year and then a relaxing summer begins.
Besides staying busy with school there have been other things in my life that have been going on. I had an awesome weekend at the Big Bang Piano Bar again with friends on Friday and drank more then I have in a very long time. Saturday I experienced a hangover, which is something I've only had once in my life. This is an indication that I'm getting older and not use to drinking much. It was a fun evening though. My parents came into town and mom and I went shopping then we all went out as a family. It was nice to see my parents and enjoy their company. This helped take my mind off of things that I've been thinking about. It's the uncertainty of where I'm teaching next year. i want to teach at a school close to our house, but if I don't get in there then I'll stay at the school I'm at now. It's a different type of atmosphere and operates not exactly the same as a public school. I'm glad that I have a teaching job and know I will next year too, I just hope it's at a public school. Besides wondering about teaching I've been worrying about my grandpa and Chris' grandpa. They are both sick and not feeling very well. Chris' grandpa is in the hospital and mine might be going in soon. He is having trouble breathing and coughing a lot. Our grandpa's are the last remaining of each our grandparents, so I feel selfish wanting them to live forever and stick around for when Chris and I have our kids. I just hope they get to feeling better and lifted spirits.
On a brighter note the weather has been awesome this week and making me anxious for summer.

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