April 30, 2009

"Cookie" and Lilacs

Today I had a student bring me Lilacs because she said they smelled good and it matched Cookie. Cookie is our class pet and he is a purple Betta fish. The flowers looked beautiful and made the whole room smell great. I made sure to place them right next to Cookie because she said that things that matched had to be next to each other. She is going to have great fashion sense someday. I thought the day was going to be great because of the wonderful start in the morning. It quickly went down hill at 10:00 and didn't get much better. Days like these really make you think why you want to be a teacher and how much patience you really do have. It took everything in my being to remain calm with two students who had major meltdowns, not once, but three times each today. I had to keep telling myself that I can make it through this day, I can make it through this day. I think we are given days like this to evaluate why we want to do something or why we have so much patience. I feel I handled it well and don't worry I still love teaching and even the little kiddies who kept me on my toes today.
When I arrived home I quickly went into distress mode. Here are some tidbits of what helps me to distress and get calm.
* A hot shower
* Making cards or scrapbooking
* Blogging
* Starbucks peppermint mocha
* A good magazine

There are many more things that I could add to the list but I thought I'd list my top favs. What helps you distress?

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