April 4, 2009

New Look...What do You Think?

Sometimes I get bored or tired of the look of things so I like to change it up. This was the case with my blog. I thought it was to busy and I was getting tired of looking at it. I decided to go for something more simple and whimsical looking. I love the whimsical look of things and found the fab tree image and thought it would be perfect for my layout. Tell me what you think. I'm off to watch some tv then bed. I'll post tomorrow about this weekends events.

1 comment:

  1. Love the new look! I get super bored really fast with my layouts all the time! Changing it can be fun, though :) I am still in the process of trying making a cool header logo but I suck at it! Anywho, yours is very pretty! Good job! :)