May 10, 2009

48 Hours

The weekends come and go quickly and as I'm sitting here I realize that tomorrow starts another work week and there is still tons to do. Saturday I really enjoyed going home to see my parents and celebrate mother's day with them. We ended up going to my grandpa's condo on the lake to hang out and so my dad could take care of some things on the boat and get the tarps off the screen windows. I was really looking forward to taking a relaxing ride on the pontoon around the lake and taking in the sites of the approaching summer. However, it was far to windy and we had to stay on land. It was still an enjoyable time being at the lake and watching the water. It was nice to have dinner there and talk with mom and dad. After a short visit we headed back to the house and watched The Curious Case of Benjamen Button. It was a really good movie. Long, at times but good. One of my favorite things to do is to pop some popcorn on the stove, snuggle up in the chair with a warm blanket, and watch a good movie. I was happy to get to do this on Saturday with Chris and my parents.
Today we got up early for breakfast and more chatting with the folks before we packed up the car and headed back to Columbus. It was now time to celebrate moms day with his mom. We went out for a late lunch and then came back to our house to talk about his grandpa and how he is doing. A lot is going on in the family right now and it doesn't look like his grandpa will be around much longer. We have to spend as much time as we can with him and enjoy every moment of it. His aunt came over to discuss some more about grandpa's health and to get more details about Chris and his heart. As we sat there and discussed things Chris got excited because it finally reached 4:08 on the clock. This met that 48 hours had passed and he could now take his heart monitor off. I felt bad for him because the tape was on tight and left welts and rashes from where he had to pull them off. His parents are taking the monitor to OSU Heart Hospital tomorrow and hopefully we will find out soon the data from the monitor and how his CT scan went on Friday. I am ready for the doctors to just tell us when the surgery is going to be and what it will all consist of. Waiting is the hardest part and I just want a date to pinpoint when we can get his heart back to being healthy.
These are pictures of the heart monitor he had to wear for 48 hours and of the welts that it left.

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