May 13, 2009


Have you ever sat back and thought about how much waiting we do in a typical day? Waiting for the coffee to get done. Waiting at a traffic light. Waiting for the clock to get to that magical hour when we get to go home from work. Waiting for dinner to get done. I feel that right now and in the next coming weeks, my life will be filled with more waiting then ever. Waiting to hear how Chris' tests went. Waiting to find out when his surgery will take place. Waiting for information as to if I will be teaching here next year or at another school. I think and I hope that through all of this waiting and wondering I will become a more patient and understanding person. Maybe I should take all this waiting into consideration and hope that it will give me time to build up confidence, patience, and strength so that when the waiting is over I can handle what ever news or event is handed to me. I just hope that this waiting will bring about good news and that Chris' surgery will be done soon.

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