May 7, 2009

A Long and Emotional Day

I've realized I've been absent from posting but a lot has been going on in my life lately. I've always been told that God wouldn't give you anything you can't handle. I think that when you are in the situation and the moment you question yourself. You Wonder if you really can handle what He is giving you. I have come to the conclusion that I can and will handle anything that is given my way. The main thing that is going on in my life right now is making sure Chris stays healthy and help him get through everything up to, through, and after his surgery. Yes surgery... We found out on Tuesday that Chris will be having surgery on his heart in six to eight weeks. Let me tell you why and how it all started.
When Chris was born he had a small hole in his heart that was was fixed with a patch when he was three. Every couple of years since then he goes for checkups and tests to make sure the patch is holding and everything else is functioning as it should. Last Thursday was his scheduled appointment for his check up. This year the check up consisted of a MRI to take a closer look at his heart and especially the patch to make sure it is doing it's job and functioning as it should. He was told when he was little that by age 30 he might need the patch replaced or fixed. Tuesday they called us in to deliver the news. I will never forget the Dr. who came into our room and said, "This is going to be a long, hard day." I knew right then and there that it wasn't going to be good news and we were in for a long and scary ride. We found out that his patch did indeed have a tare in it but they also found something else. Each of us has an Aorta of our heart. It's the big tube that is attached to heart. The Aortic root is the part of the Aorta that is attached to the heart. A normal Aortic root should only be 2-3 cm big. Chris' Aortic Root is 5.1 cm. That is almost twice the size that it should be. After the Dr. gave us the information it took a while to sink in what we were being told and what we need to do to get this fixed. He will be having surgery in six to eight weeks and it might be done in one procedure or two separate. It just depends on what they find. A lot of tests and studies are going to be taking place until the date can actually be set in stone and until we fully understand the details. For now he has to take it easy, limit the sugar and caffeine, and not do to much strenuous activity. It was a lot to take in and very emotional and has been emotional. I know I can and will help him get through this and support him through everything. I will be attending every appointment and test with him and be right there when they give us any information.
I take his MRI as a blessing. If it wasn't his scheduled year to have it we might not have found out for two or three more years and who knows what would of happened by then. I think that this is one of the reasons as to why Chris and I have not become pregnant yet. God wants me to be at my best and strongest for Chris and helping him get through all of this. I will make sure to keep everybody posted on my blog and this is where you can find out information as to how things are going. I ask that you please add us to your prayer list and keep us in your thoughts. This is going to be longest six to eight weeks. We will get through this and we will keep busy and positive.

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  1. I'm glad you are staying strong and brave, Abby! I will be keeping Chris and you in my thoughts as you go through this whole process. I wish you both the best of luck! Take care and if you need anything I live pretty close by :)