May 31, 2009

The Longest Week

Has it only been a week since my last post? It feels like it's been a month or a year. A lot can happen in a few short seven days that make up a week. The beginning of the week started off sad and slow. We laid to rest Grandpa George on Thursday. The preparation and the viewing were hard to get through and the saddest part was the actual funeral. Grandpa George was a great guy and even though he was not my actual grandpa he felt like one to me. He always made me laugh and had the funniest quirks and wisecracks. He also had the cutest laugh. He certainly was jolly and we will surely miss him. The funeral had so many wonderful flowers and planters that it was nice to see such beauty and life in such a sad situation. We were able to take a couple of planters and arrangements to remember him by. I particularly loved this one from Chris' cousin in Chicago. I've never seen an all white arrangement and it is absolutely beautiful.

I am glad that this weekend we were able to hang out with some awesome peeps who always know how to make me laugh and whom I always have a fantastic time with. We started the evening by attending the Clippers game at Huntington Park. This is the first time I've ever been to the park and I was thoroughly impressed. We had standing room only tickets which was fine because it allowed us to walk around and take in the sights. Even though we stood the whole time we had a great view and there was even a little ledge to place our drinks and things on why we watched the game. It's a pretty snazzy set up they've got down there. My cousin Sadie was in town and she came to the game with us. It was nice spending time with her and partying with everyone. I don't get to see her that often so I was glad she could come with us. After the game we went to this bar on campus that had $.75 draft beer. I don't drink beer but for that price, shoot, keep them coming. It was awesome to have so many of our friends there drinking together and having a great time. They are all such an amazing group of individuals who I know I can trust, count on, and have on hell of a time when I'm with them. I can't wait until our next gathering because who knows what we will get into.

Friends and family are people whom I am so thankful and blessed that I have. I know I always have someone to talk to, cry to, vent to, laugh with, joke with, and be a total goober around. I'm glad that the week is over and am looking forward to what the next one may bring. I've only got 8 more days left of school and then it's a summer siesta. I know the summer will be great and it will also be challenging and trying at times. No matter what we will get through it just fine and with a sweet ass tan.
Update: We got an e~mail from the surgeon today and he said that last Wednesday he presented Chris' case to the team. The nurse is supposed to be contacing us tomorrow to fill us on on what was discussed and what is going to happen. Lets hope that the surgery is soon and that we get some good news. Keep your fingers, toes, and anything else crossed!!

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  1. hey! sounds like we had a really similar weekend! Isn't Huntington Park the best? I wanna go back :)