May 24, 2009


This weekend turned out to be a pretty good weekend. I laughed a lot, drank a decent amount, and had fun. I was happy to get to have lunch with my best friend on Sat. We were able to catch up on things and plan our next girls weekend together. Which I am pleased to announce will be in two weeks. I spent the rest of Sat with Chris, Daniel, and Sadie. We went up to the condo and took the pontoon out on the water for a while. It's so relaxing to boat around and chillax. After our boating fun we went back to the condo to hang out. At one point Daniel was messing around on his laptop and pulled up Photo Booth. For those of you who have the privilege of a web-cam or built in cam to your laptop this app is freaking hilarious. There are all kinds of options that you can use to warp your face or make you look like you have an identical twin. We were laughing so hard that at times it was hard to catch our breath and I had tears streaming down my face. It's moments like these that I love and am happy we were able to experience this as a fam. It was also a relief to laugh and take our mind off of some of the hard things and sad things that our happening in our' life right now. It will all work out and be ok and this was a chance to realize that. Enjoy the brief montage of our Photo Booth shenanigans.

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  1. haha I have some old photo booth pics of Daniel I could totally blackmail him for ;) lol jk... they are quite hilarious, though