May 23, 2009


Hmm I'm trying to think how do I put into words the thankfulness that I am feeling for my fellow teachers at HSA. Yesterday after school I was in my room packing up and preparing for Monday. All of the kiddoes had gone home by then and I was enjoying the peace and quiet. One of the first grade teachers came to my door and asked me to come to her room. I walked in and saw every single teacher, office member, and other staff sitting there. I thought did I miss a memo on a meeting? Is something going on? Our gym teacher joked and said that "this was an intervention and everyone wanted to talk to me." Another teacher said "they were concerned about my drinking and wanted to make sure I was ok." Of course they were all joking. Jen another kindergarten teacher that I've become close to popped out from behind everyone and told me that they were all here for a reason. She said that she knows that I've been stressed lately with worrying about Chris and making sure that he is ok and doing good. She then proceeded to explain to me that all of the staff got together and either cooked us a meal or gave us something in the card. I turned around and saw two huge coolers stocked full of dinners that had been prepared. All we were to do was pop them in the freezer and when we wanted to eat them we just had to take them out and put them in the oven. She then said that in the card was something from the individuals who didn't or couldn't cook anything. I opened the card when I got home and found a $70.00 Meijer gift card for grocery shopping. They said they wanted to make it easy for us if we got back late from an appointment and wanted to make sure we had meals prepared for his recovery from surgery. I was shocked, thankful, amazed. I started cry and I didn't know what to say expect thank you a thousand times over. I work with these individuals almost everyday and some I've only talked to a few times and to think that everyone got together and did this for us is just something that words can not describe. I sill get goosebumps and tears when I think about it and how amazing and nice the staff at HSA are.
Friday we also found out information on how Chris' tests went. The CT Scan came back ok. He has one artery around the heart that is narrow but he said it wasn't a huge concern. The heart monitor data came back with only one irregularity which is awesome because when he was there taking the CT Scan he had six of them. One in 48 hours is great news. He also said that this Wednesday, May, 27 he is going to present the surgery to the surgical team and discuss what the best coarse of action will be. I'm hoping that on Thursday or Friday he will call us and tell us that this is the date, time, and procedure for the surgery. I just want to see the end of road and Chris back to healthy and not having to worry about things so much.
On Friday we also packed up and came to Sidney for the weekend to spend time with my family and visit the fam who came in from CA. Before we left Columbus we stopped at Chris' grandpa's to visit him. He has been home with Hospice for a couple of days and he didn't look very well and was very lethargic and sleepy. He just didn't look like the bubbly happy Grandpa George we are use to seeing. We brought Sloopy in and said hi and that we loved him and we would see him soon. This morning we got the phone call that he passed away. Grandpa George we love you and miss you and we know that you are in a better place and will be watching down on Chris through everything.

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