June 25, 2009

Happy Hour

Tonight Chris and I went to Park Street Patio for a happy hour that was won by a good friend of ours. For the happy hour which is from 4-8 you get money for a bar tab depending on how many people show up. For every five people that come to your happy hour you get $100 with a max of $1000. It was a great time. A lot of fun peeps showed up and there was plenty of free boozes flowing for everyone. Lovesick Radio was there to play to. We only heard two songs and then they got off the stage for a later time. Well, it started to rain. I take that back, not just rain, it poured. We went inside for a while to wait out the rain, but after a while we decided to all call it a night. I needed a canoe or boat to get to the car. The streets flooded and you could barely see anything through all the freaking rain. Still, it was a great night. The patio is really cool outside and there are plenty of places to get your drink on there. I love spending time with this group of people and always enjoy seeing them. I feel the more we hang out the closer we get and the more fun we have. I love having such a diverse, fun, and caring group of people to talk to and enjoy spending time with. I'm grateful for these individuals and am grateful that I feel we are all getting closer and I know that I can talk to them and lean on them through anything. I'm looking forward to our next shindig when we all get together to laugh and have a great time. Thank you Angie for the happy hour and happy birthday hun!!!

A couple pictures from the evening. Yes, Chris did get drunk :)

My new favorite picture of Chris and I. Those are my new spectacles to, which I have to wear everyday now.

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