June 8, 2009

Still Waiting

I got up this morning all prepared and mentally ready to meet the surgeons today. About a half hour before it was time to go we got a phone call saying they had to cancel and reschedule. Luckily they are able to reschedule from tomorrow at 4:30. It is really frustrating to get yourself mentally prepared for some big news and then have to wait again. This has truly been a huge test of patience. I feel like all we've done is hurry up and wait until what the next thing is or step is explained to us. I really hope that we get a date tomorrow because I'm not sure how much longer I can wait and be patient at the same time. After the meeting with the surgeons we are going to try out Thurman's Cafe in Germain Village. I've heard from a lot of people that this place rocks and has some awesome hamburgers. Hopefully we will be able to go and it will be a good meal. At this time tomorrow we should know a detailed plan of the surgery, recovery time, and when it will be. Let's hope...

I snapped this cute picture of Sloopy sleeping as I was blogging. He is to stinking adorable.

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