June 7, 2009

Information Monday

The weekend has been going pretty good. We went to one of our favorite places on Friday to see the last weekend of the show before the new one starts. Chris and I love Shadowbox Cabaret and we don't miss a show. It's a great place to hear some awesome music, laugh your ass off, and have some fun. The show was pretty good and I am looking forward to their "Best Of" show which will be starting next weekend. The rest of the weekend we have been relaxing, dinner for Chris' aunt's birthday, some yard work, and cleaning. All in all it's been nice and the weather is beautiful outside. Tomorrow starts the last three days of school and I am gearing up for summer. I am so ready to be done with school and have a break from the kids. I'm getting a little tired of hearing "Mrs. Hallstrom" called every five minutes. The quiet will be nice. Tomorrow is finally the informational surgery day we have been waiting for. We meet at noon at Children's Hospital with the surgeon to discuss the course of action that will be taking place and hopefully the date. I've been waiting for this day for what sees like years and I am prepared with whatever the doctor is going to tell us. I will keep you posted on what we find out tomorrow. Until then I will be enjoying the rest of this beautiful Sunday.

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