June 2, 2009

A Tidbit About Surgery

We finally heard from the nurse about some information for Chris' surgery. We first found out that Dr. Cook is not going to be operating on him because he isn't even a surgeon. WTF??? He is a cardiologist specialist and figures out what is wrong with the patient's hearts and then gives all the information to the surgeons. I find that a little bit frustrating because it seems like we have to go through a middle man. Wouldn't you think it would make more since for the actual surgeon who is going to do the operation be the one we should of met on the first day and been in contact with this whole time? I guess not. Anyways, the nurse said that Dr. Cook presented all the information to the surgical team this past Wednesday. He said that the surgeon will be contacting us for a meeting hopefully on June 8 to discuss the whole plan of action and when it will be taking place. He did say that Chris will be having the surgery done at Children's Hospital. I see it now, Chris in a batman gown, laying in a rainbow room, and waiting for the clown to visit to pass out balloon animals. The reason he will be going here is because they have dealt with a lot of children and adults who have congenital heart disease which is what they are calling it and are better equipped for this type of surgery. As long as he is getting the best and they know what they are doing I have no problems with where the surgery will be taking place. Plus, I think a children's hospital will be more cheery and he might have xbox or a game system in his room. Until then, this is all we know. I am now starting to see a glimpse of the finish line. It is still very far away but at least a little in sight.

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