June 21, 2009

Two Chic Sites

I've been wanting to revamp my blog and my craft blog with some new designs and extras. I found two chic sites to help me accomplish this. The first site is Shabby Blogs. This is were I was able to find a new background, post dividers, sidebar headers, and sidebar blinkies. I absolutely love them and feel it gave my blog a custom look. The best part is it's free and there are easy step by step directions to help you change what you want. Super chic and super easy. The other awesome site is kevinandamanda. This super cute site has tons of awesome fonts that you can use to customize your header, blog post titles, and side bar titles. There are tons of fonts on this site and best of all they are also free and she gives you easy step by step directions. This is how I got my post font and other fonts on my blogs changed. Don't you love it? It took me a few tries to get it to work, but I didn't copy something correctly, silly me. I highly recommend you checking out these sites to vamp up your blog. If you use them tell me how you liked it and what you did. I'm excited to see.

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