June 18, 2009

Our Zoofarie

Today Chris and I ventured to the Columbus Zoo to see the animals. I was particularly looking forward to the baby elephant. I wasn't able to see animals on the field trip I took with my class to the zoo. I had a child who was sick all day and we spent our time in the first aid station. The life of a teacher. Today was my make up day for the zoo and it was fun spending it with Chris. This is a little montage of our Zoofarie and a couple video clips. A little tidbit, Did you know that Columbus Zoo is rated the #1 zoo in America?

It's Beco the new baby boy elephant. Isn't he cute? He stayed next to his mom the whole time. Where mom went he went.

Thirsty tiger. After his drink he stayed close to the glass and paced back and forth. Watch the video to see.

I've always wanted to take the boat ride through the monkeys over in the Australia exhibit. It was a cute, little, fun ride. Afterwards Chris tried to see if he could stretch his arm as far as the monkeys could.

Our last stop was the gorilla exhibit. I think this guy was either bored or had a lip issue. Either way it was hilarious.

I took a few more pictures of one sleeping and the other one is pacing back and forth. He kept banging on the fence. I don't think he liked being watched. After we left the exhibit we exited through what felt like being in a real jungle. I took video of the jungle adventure.

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