July 23, 2009

Day 4

I think Chris is still stuck on his work schedule because he was up again at 5:15 today. I got him situated with a snack and more comfortable and then went back to sleep for a while. I'm glad the he eventually fell back asleep because today was a very eventful day for him. We started the morning with a trip downstairs for an echo cardiogram to take a look at his heart and to see how the new parts are functioning. I'm always amazed at technology and how interesting it is to sit there and watch his heart beat and move. I could clearly see his new valve and it was reassuring to sit there and watch it function nicely. He then had an EKG and we headed up to the room again. After letting Chris clean up and change his clothes he was able to take a long walk around the floor. He did really well and didn't have any problems. He liked being up and about and not having to be confined to his room all of the time and bogged down with cords. I decided after we got him settled back in that I would head home for a while to visit Sloopy and to do some laundry. I was so excited to see the little fellow and he really perked up my spirits and provided some laughter for a while. While I was at home the doctor came in and finally took out his last chest tube. That was the last major thing that was still attached to him and caused discomfort as well as made moving a little difficult at times. Now that the tube is out he feels like a free man and is in a much better mood. We have spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching tv and he got his night medicines which pretty much knocks him out for a while. It is looking like tomorrow or Saturday he gets to go home. This is something we both are extremely looking forward to. I know that this will help speed up his recovery because we will be in the comfort of our own home and he won't have nurses and doctors poking and prodding at him all of the time. I also know he misses Sloopy terribly and can't wait to see him. Today was a good day and he is looking great. It's all coming along smoothly and we are getting close to the next step of recovery.

All happy after getting new clothes on and cleaned up. He is looking really good. The pillow that he is holding is in the shape of a heart and has a picture of a heart on it as well. It is a thicker pillow and is used for Chris to grasp to his chest when he is tries to get up or coughs. It provides some extra cushion for him.

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