July 25, 2009

Day 5

Sorry I'm a little late posting for day 5 but yesterday was a crazy day. The night before I decided to go home for the evening to sleep in my own bed and to see our puppy. I finally felt the lack of sleep catch up with me and my back is shot from sleeping on these pull out sofa things and what they call a lounge chair. It was hard being at home and not with Chris. I spent most of the night wondering if he was doing ok and I don't like sleeping in the house by myself and without Chris. After some sleep I woke up early and headed to the hospital. When I arrived Chris told me it was a rough night and he was having a rough day. In the middle of the night he woke with severe pain a long the incision line. They forgot to tell him that his pain medicine was switched to a needed bases and he had to ask for it. They weren't going to come and give it to him every four hours anymore like they had been doing. He also had to get one of his bandages replaced were they took out a chest tube because the nurse dude didn't know he had it and he had bleed through the bandage and all over his pajama's. After getting that changed and some pain meds he said he got a little of sleep. The day was hard because he was still trying to play catch up with his pain, he was super tired, and really cranky. They had him do a lot of walking and he tackled some stairs. That went well for him but it wore him out quickly. After some visitors and his night meds he finally went to sleep around 8:00 pm. I decided that I would head home for the evening and try to sleep again. When I arrived this morning he said he got a better night sleep but he had gotten sick this morning before I arrived. The smells of the hospital and the soap they use are causing him to feel nauseous. I asked if he was aloud to go outside for a while to see if fresh air would help and they directed us to this roof top play area that he could go sit at. It was really nice outside at the time and the fresh air seemed to help him feel better. The doctors came in and checked him out and said things are looking good and he will get to go home tomorrow. They want to keep him in one more day because he needs to be weened off of oxygen at night. I know this really frustrates him and he is itching to get home. They are only looking out for his best interest and want to make sure everything is safe and healthy. So here's hoping for tomorrow!!

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