July 9, 2009

In One Week..

It's been a little busy around here lately and I like that. I think it helps to keep me occupied and my mind off of things. A week from now is Chris' surgery. It seems just the other day I was talking about how it was going to be in six to eight weeks. Well it will be twelve weeks when it happens and although they have been stressful and hard, they have gone fairly quickly. I keep thinking that one week from now we will be packing up to go to the hospital and prepare for his surgery. In one week Chris and I will have been married for three years. In one week our lives are going to change for a while. With the recovery, the rehabilitation, the medication, and the doctors appointments, we will be busy and hopefully not to stressed. I'm thankful for all my family and friends who have been there for us through this all and have allowed me to vent my fears and feelings. I know that Chris and I have a wonderful support system and I am eternally grateful for that. I know that on Friday, July 17 I will be relying heavily on this support system to help me get through the waiting process while he is in surgery and to help me keep his spirits high through recovery. It will be a long road a head of us, but I know we will get through it and accomplish any task that is dealt to us. While thinking about all of this I have managed to get things done. Chris and I are preparing for a garage sale this weekend and a gathering of friends to hang out and unwind. I've also managed to get the house cleaned and laundry caught up from the weekend and am looking forward to one of my best friends coming into town. We bowled tonight and had a good time. Didn't do to hot with our scores but having fun is all that counts. It's all about keeping busy, enjoying your time together, having fun, and staying positive. I thank you again for everyone who has been there for us and prayed for us and I ask that you continue to do so, especially on the 17th.

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