July 13, 2009


This past weekend was a mixture of spending time with friends and trying to make some extra cash. We gathered all of our things we didn't want anymore and prepared for a garage sale. It was going pretty good on Saturday until the rain came in. We at least made a little cash wich was nice. Later that evening we had Tickerpalooza for Chris. I wanted to get some people together to hangout, unwind, distress, and most of all do some drinking. It was a small gathering, but fun. We spent the evening playing cornpong out on the front walkway and jamed to MJ songs. Towards the end of the evening everyone was feeling pretty good and having a great time. I put a pillow case out for everyone to sign so Chris could have something to laugh at and lift his spirits during recovery. There are some pretty funny things on that pillow case. It was also nice to have one of my best friends in town for the weekend. I've known her for 11 years now and we are only three days apart in age. Our moms knew each other from high school and even saw each other in the hospital while they were having us. We were met to be friends from the beginning. We don't get to see each other very often because we live a couple hours from each other but when we do see each other it's a great time and nice to hang out. We went to lunch and saw Bruno. It was pretty funny and shocking at times. I think Borat was a better film but I still liked it. The rest of the weekend we had another day of the garage sale, took a nap, and then started to clean some things up from the weekend. We are now starting to enter the home stretch of Chris' surgery. We have our three year anniversary on Wednesday, pre-op on Thursday, and then the surgery on Friday. It's finally coming and we can finally start to look past this and get back to normalsy. We just have to get through Friday.

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