October 19, 2009

Purdue Trip

Another weekend has come and gone and with that came another Buckeye trip, this time to Purdue. The weekend started with high hopes and a pretty much guaranteed feeling that the Bucks would pull off a win. The feeling quickly went away after half time of the game. Despite the loss and the annoying cheer of "Boiler Up, Woo, Woo" I still had a great time and enjoyed spending another weekend away and another game with Chris. We had pretty good seats. Our section was in the end zone under the score board and had mostly OSU fans. It was great to be around other screaming fans for the Bucks and everyone decked out in their OSU gear.
We started to day off at the Buckeye Bash and had some catered hot breakfast and waited for Brutus and the cheerleaders.

We had a great picture opportunity with Brutus again but our camera decided not to work at the time. Come to find out the batteries I put in were not functioning correctly. Note to self: do not buy a pack of batteries at the Dollar Store for your camera, they don't work. After the bash we headed over to the stadium to get out our seats. Outside the stadium the OSU semi truck, which carries all their gear, was parked and Chris and I had our picture taken using my phone by a nice lady.

The quality isn't as good as a camera but it still gets the job done. The truck is pretty cool looking and it goes to show just how much gear is needed for a football team to play. We got to our seats

and waited for the worlds largest base drum to take the field with the Purdue band and their little train that drives out on the field when the team runs out. The train is rather cute looking even though their cheer and whistle noise is very annoying. After tons of cheering, jumping up and down, and waving our pom poms, the Bucks still lost. I know you can't win them all, but this was not the game to loose. The team was ranked 7 and now has dropped down to 19. Lets hope we win from here on out to move up in the polls. The disappointment was felt around the stadium with the Buckeye fans and two well known fans, Big Nut and Buckeye Guy, stood stunned against the fence at the end of the game.

You can see with their body language the disappointment felt by all. It was however, only one game with many mistakes and I'm hoping they have learned from this and next week will be a different story.
After the game Chris and I headed back to my parents house to spend the evening with them and to see Sloopy. On Sunday we then packed up and headed home. After some laundry, lesson planning, and dinner with the in-laws, we relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the evening. Chris and Sloopy enjoyed their Sunday evening quiet well.

It was a great trip and still have one more road trip this season to attend. We are going to Penn State the first weekend of November and I'm wondering how much snow they will have. This past weekend they already had 8 inches. Could it be 1 foot by then? Who knows, but it's going to be an awesome time with some fun people who I've not seen in a while.

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  1. Saving the biggest and best trip for last! ;)