November 28, 2009


I have a lot to be thankful for this year and just celebrating Thanksgiving gave me time to really appreciate everything I'm thankful for. The most important is my family and Chris back to 100% health. It has been a trying year and through it all we've become stronger and closer and I'm extremely thankful for that.
Chris and I headed over to Sidney to my parents house to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. My parents always host the dinner at their house and it was great to see the aunts and uncles again. After our dinner we always play poker with my aunt and uncle for a while and then kick off the holiday season by watching White Christmas. Half way through the movie Chris usually falls asleep and it wouldn't be tradition if he didn't. He goes into work at 4:00 am on Thanksgiving so he can get off early to spend the rest of the day with us. It is understandable that come movie time in the evening he is tired.
After the movie we all head up to bed to get up early to cut down our Christmas trees. This has been a long standing Jones tradition and I can remember being little and going to cut down the family tree. My aunt and uncle come to and we all meet for breakfast and then head out to the tree farm to find the perfect tree. Of course when we are walking the tree aisles and pulling the sleds we always quote lines from Christmas Vacation and when that perfect tree comes into view we break out in song. It's goofy, but fun, and it makes it even that more special.

Chris and I started cutting down our own tree the first year we were married. We tie it to the top of our car and hall it back to Columbus. I always love seeing the looks on peoples faces as we drive past them on the highway with a tree strapped to the top. Each year we say our tree is the best one yet and each year our tree is named Sprucey.I always enjoy bringing the tree home and putting the lights and ornaments on. My favorite lights are the bubble lights and we always have them on the tree. We have ornaments that spin, play songs, and light up to. It's a very festive tree and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love traditions and especially love this time of year because it's filled with traditions, family, laughter, and fun.
Today I spent the day decorating the rest of the house and we finally put all the finishing touches on the outside of the house. The Christmas season has officially begun and I can't wait for the weeks ahead. Especially Christmas break from school.

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