November 22, 2009

Happy TurChristmas

This weekend has been a fantastic mixture of both Christmas and Thanksgiving or better known as TurChristmas. It all started on Friday when Chris and I headed to Easton for date night. I was excited to find out that Easton was having the lighting ceremony that night. I thought it was going to be a small countdown and then the lights would come on, but was pleasantly surprised when it was much more then that. They had an elaborate stage set up by the big tree in front of the Cheesecake Factory. The stage had a winter wonderland backdrop where the Santa Babies from Shadowbox sang and another singer. After a couple of songs Santa arrived by horse and buggy to light up Easton. The countdown was great and after all of Easton was lit fireworks shot off all around us from the roofs of the buildings. It was a beautiful Christmas sight.

After the ligthing Chris and I walked around and then went to see A Christmas Carol in 3-D on the IMax. I highly recommend seeing this movie and any movie in 3-D. It adds so much to the movie experience and makes you feel like you are actually in the movie.
On Saturday my parents came into town to watch The Game of OSU versus Michigan. We spent a lot of time cheering and yelling at the tv and were super pumped that the Buckeyes pulled off another victory against Michigan. They are now officially the out right Big 10 Champs and have prevented Michigan from having any chance of playing at a bowl game this year. It was great! Our game watching ended and we then ventured outside to start the exterior illumination on our house. My dad has always been the master of exterior illumination and gives Clark Griswold a run for his money. Since my parents have moved to a condo, they have tons of lights to spare. Dad came well prepared with lights that would stretch for miles. I was super pumped and eager to get as many as we could on our house. He helped us hang the big wreath and the top row of lights on the house.

The wreath brings back many fun Christmas memories. This wreath use to hang on the house that I lived at as a child and grew up in until they moved when I went to college. Luckily I get to have it on our house because it's too big for my parent’s condo. The lights are all hung and after several circuit breakers popping they are lit. We have to get a new cord to get the back of our house lit up, but the front is done. I will post a picture in a couple days that shows all of the decorations out and complete.
Today Chris and I prepared Thanksgiving for the first time at our house. I spent the day cooking the turkey and preparing the side dishes. My parents, the in-laws, and Chris' aunt came to help celebrate our first Thanksgiving dinner. Everything tasted wonderful and for our first Thanksgiving at our house it went great. It was an honor to get to use the turkey platter that has been in my family for years and to see Chris carve the turkey for the first time.

I love memories and traditions and was honored that we could start a new tradition at our house this year. After our food and chocolate pumpkin cheesecake we went outside to look at our house all lit up with Christmas lights. I've now got another turkey cooking in the oven for the kindergartners at school. Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving feast and I've agreed to cook the turkey. With two turkeys and all the fixings, my oven has been on all day! It has been a wonderful and festive weekend and am looking forward to all of the holiday fun to come in the upcoming month. Happy TurChristmas!

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  1. I'm glad you had a great TurChristmas! I can't wait to have a house so I can deck it out in Christmas lights too :) Maybe you can give me a few pointers? haha