December 17, 2009

Tickets Please..

Today kicked off the second annual Polar Express story telling in my classroom. This year Chris went and got a conductors hat and wore his suit to play the role of the conductor on the train. He also brought to my room a really neat cardboard house that I explained to the kids came from the north pole and will be spending some time in our classroom.

While we set up the house my class were in the computer lab for their class. When the bell rang I gave each of them their ticket to board the polar express as they entered the classroom.

Chris was standing there hole punching the tickets and getting them ready for their story.

It was super cute to see all the kids excited about the conductor and adorable to watch Chris interact with the class. He did a fantastic job of reading the story and then we all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and they each received the magic Christmas bell from him.

It was a really sweet and enjoyable afternoon and has geared the class up for pajama day tomorrow and watching the Polar Express movie. It is also the last day before Christmas break!

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