January 18, 2010

Thank Goodness for the Long Weekend $

This past weekend I felt under the weather and did not want to get out of my pajamas. It started Friday with a fever and aches and continued through the weekend. Saturday I started to feel a little better but then woke up Sunday morning feeling blue again. The dreary, rainy weather outside did not help much. I went to the doctors to get some medicine and after a lot of lounging in my pajamas and going to bed early I woke up today feeling better. I'm glad I had an extra day off this weekend for MLKJ day and even though I didn't get to utilize the long weekend for fun I'm glad I got sick over this weekend and did not have to miss any school. I was thinking while spending most of the weekend in my pajamas and under the weather what I could do to keep my mind busy instead of watching tv the whole time. I decided to update my blog and change some things around. I downloaded a digital kit from Kevin and Amanada's blog and sat down and created my header. I used print shop to do the layering and it didn't take to long to do. The site also has super cute fonts which I downloaded. I like the new simple look. I think I will be spending more time working on digital scrapbooking and layouts. I'm starting to really get into more things related to technology. I also am feeling better and ready to start a new week of teaching at school.

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