February 15, 2010

All You Need is Love =

All you need is love.... is a fitting phrase to sum up the weekend. It started on Friday with my parents who came to town. My mom arrived on Thursday to help me in my classroom on Friday for my student's Valentine's Party and my dad came later in the day. He received four tickets and a parking pass to the Blue Jackets hockey game. We had been talking about going for a while and it worked out great that he got them for free. The tickets were amazing. Only 8 rows from the ice behind the players and center ice. Even though the Jackets didn't win I loved the game and spending time with my family.

Saturday I had to get up early for parent teacher conferences all day. This was something that I did not love. I had a better turn out this year compared to last and even though we had to stay until 3:00 I was able to get a lot done. When I got home the
in-laws stopped by to drop off our Valentine's card and after some visiting we decided to take a trip up to the Polaris area and have Quaker Stake and Lube for dinner. That place has amazing wings and I loved that we got to go and was excited for Chris because this is something he has been craving for while. We then headed over to the mall to do some shopping and then headed home. I watched some of the Olympics and headed to bed.

Sunday was Valentine's Day. I absolutely love this day. I always have and always will. I think it is a great day to express how much you love those around you and how much you care for the people who are in your life. Chris and I did our annual dinner and movie. We headed to Olive Garden for a tasty meal and then went to Easton to see Valentine's Day. This movie was perfect for date night and I loved the star studded cast it had. We will definitely be purchasing this movie when it comes out on DVD.

Today Chris had the day off and I had the day off because of President's Day. We got a few groceries, I did some cleaning, and had some pizza for dinner. The day has been cozy and low key and we are now snowed in because another 6 inches has fallen on the ground. I love snow and really enjoy the beauty of it. I also love that I have a snow day tomorrow and can continue my weekend. We will see what the week brings but my weekend was packed full of love and great things.

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