February 17, 2010

No School Yet This Week

Well it's Wednesday and I've yet had a day of school. It is always nice to have a couple day impromptu vacation. On Monday we did not have school because of President's day and Tuesday and Wednesday we've had no school due to snow. It has been a big white hot mess of snow in Columbus and the forecast is showing more arriving on Sunday. On the ground right now there is over a foot and when shoveled it looks like we are trying to build a fort or a fence for our house. I love the snow and the snow days it brings. It has allowed me to get caught up on laundry, cleaning, some television, and I've even been able to do some card making. I've been super busy lately and have not had the chance to craft much. I'm thankful for these snow days and there is a chance we might have one tomorrow to. If we do then I will not see my students at all this week. Friday our school has a professional development and our students will not be at school. So if we do go tomorrow then I will only see them for one day this week before a three day weekend again. I'm loving the "winter break" the snow has provided and all the catching up on some of my favorite things I've been able to do. I wanted to end this post by showing you a picture I took of icicles hanging from our neighbors house. These suckers are huge and they look extremely dangerous. So to quote a line from my favorite movie A Christmas Story Those icicles have been known to kill people - quotes

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