February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

Ah the perks of being a teacher and having a snow day. This snow day was much needed and I thought we would have had one yesterday too. The snow started to fall early yesterday morning and continued throughout the day. Every school district but ours in the county was closed. Even though I teach at a Charter school we rely on the counties school district busing. So we base our days off of what they do. For some crazy reason the superintendent of the school decided to stay open and send the kids to school. It was a crazy drive and the story even made the news because of the numerous upset parents for the decision to have school. I had several students absent and most of the other classrooms did as well. It was a pretty low key day and our principal decided that not matter what the school district decides that Wednesday we would have no school regardless. Talk about exciting news! Knowing that before you go home you don't have to come to school the next day because of a snow day! I got home safely, made dinner, and then Chris and I decided to go outside and enjoy the new freshly fallen snow by making a snowman, and of course Sloopy had to help too.

We used blueberries to make the face and were able to find some twigs from the front bush for his arms. He may be little but he is cute.

It was nice to sleep in today and I even ventured out to return some movies and pick up some laundry detergent. I shoveled the driveway and walkway, which you can't tell now because of drifting and a little more snow, and I got caught up on some things around the house. It's been a productive and relaxing day and a much needed day off from school. The weather man is saying that the snow should stop and be done today but another storm is on its way Monday. So who knows, maybe I will get another snow day next week!

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