February 6, 2010

Enjoying the Snow

The snow storm has officially left and it made its mark with 10 inches of snow. We thought we were going to get more and in some areas we did. The wind is starting to pick up and the temperature is starting to fall. We decided because of the snow to stay home this weekend and not head to Sidney to see my parents. The roads didn't seem safe and we figured that we should make the best of being snowed in and enjoy the beautiful, white, and sparkly outside.

The ruler is a little crooked but at 9:00 am this morning it was 10 inches. It has since snowed a little more and is starting to drift.

Our back alley way. Thank goodness we have 4-wheel drive.

Chris is making the sidewalks nice and getting his workout on. He is a cute snow shoveler :)

Sloopy enjoyed the winter playground and even got a morning snack out of it.

I was surprised to see a bird hopping from tree to tree on our street. He was nibbling on the snow and ice on the trees.

Today has been fun playing in the snow and we rented a couple of movies and got supplies to make chicken wings. Tonight we are going to enjoy being snowed in and warm and cozy by the fire. I'm looking forward to going to an annual Superbowl party and taking this cake.

I made it last night in hopes of using it as Chris' birthday cake with my family back home. Since we couldn't go home I figured it would be perfect for the super bowl. I can't wait to try it and you have to get the recipe from this blog. She has an amazing website and I'm sure this cake will be super yummy. It combines chocolate, peanut butter, and Reese Cups. Who wouldn't love that? Especially those of us who live in Ohio and love buckeyes!

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