March 7, 2010


I've been wanting to blog about seeing Wicked the other night but I've been super busy. Better late then never right? First off Wicked was freaking awesome and a "wicked" show to see. If you've never seen it before I highly suggest you get tickets when the show is in town. I've never really been one for liking The Wizard of Oz so when I learned that Wicked was stemmed around The Wizard of Oz I was skeptical to see it. That however changed after the show started. The set was amazing, the effects were amazing, and the signing and acting was.. amazing! I loved how the story line introduced you to how the good witch and the bad witch came to be and even how some of the other main characters such as the Tin Man came to be as well. It was a really touching story line and I would love to have the chance to see the show again. I'm still singing some of the songs and that doesn't happen very often after a musical. It was a lovely evening that I got to spend with my mom and have some much needed girl time. We also continued girl time the next day by having lunch with my two aunts. One who is home for another week from California. I enjoyed the little break in Sidney with mom and my aunts and especially the show.
I also wanted to show you this hilarious video that I found on her blog that I visit frequently. It's called the Evolution of Dance and this guy pinpoints all the key dances that have taken place over the past 50 years or so. Turn up your sound and enjoy. This will surely make you laugh.

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