March 16, 2010

It's been Busy!

Busy seems to be the operative word for what has been going on lately. Hence the length between posts. I don't mind being busy, especially if it's busy for good things. We didn't spend much time home this past weekend and it was nice to be with friends. Chris had his Block O banquet which is held in the recruiting room in the OSU stadium. This room is a Buckeye fans dream. Huge chairs that look like the football helmets the players wear and an amazing arrangement of pictures surround the room. After the banquet we all headed over to Varsity Club to watch a nail bitter Buckeye basketball game. After two over times they pulled off a win and landed the second seat in March Madness which is super exciting. We then spent Sunday going to church and time with my parents. They brought my grandpas dinning room table to our house and a queen mattress set for the guest room. After all the unloading we headed out to get some wings with some friends and my parents and watch the Buckeyes bring a pounding and a huge win in basketball. A lot of time was spent away from home and that's alright sometimes. Especially since we had a low key weekend the weekend before.
A couple other things that are new is I finally got my 5 year professional teaching license which is a huge weight off my shoulders and hopefully will help land me a job in a public school system next year.  Chris and I have decided to go to church every Sunday now and are rotating between the Catholic church and the church his parents go to. It has been interesting to attend the two different services every other week and we have been wanting to have God be a bigger part of our lives. I have also lost some weight and am super excited about that. It brings more motivation and excitement to keep me going to the Y and working out as much as I can. I am also looking forward to summer weather and going on a week long trip to Myrtle Beach. It has been years since I've been to a beach and Chris and I have never been to a beach together. That tells you how long it has been. The vacation is going to be much needed and I am looking forward to getting a nice tan.

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