June 27, 2010

End of Vacation

I can't believe that vacation has come and gone already but it was a great get-away and very relaxing. After the fun on the beach we packed up and headed to Washington D.C. on Friday. Chris' grandparents are buried in Arlington Cemetery and we wanted to pay them a visit before heading back to Ohio. After arriving in D.C. on Friday and having some dinner I started to feel achy and sick from the long car ride. I decided to relax in the hotel while Chris and his parents did some sight seeing around town. I had the pleasure in 8th grade to take a class trip to the city so I wasn't to upset that I didn't get to see all the monuments. Chris did take some great pictures and shared with me what they saw. The evening of relaxing in the hotel helped because I was feeling great in the morning. On Saturday we packed up and headed to Arlington Cemetery to see Chris' grandparents. It is such a humbling experience and makes you appreciate all the men and women for have fought for our country. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals buried there and the grave markers seem to go on for miles. It really makes you appreciate the freedom we have in America and everything that the men and women have done for us.
We found the grandparents spot and paid our respects. It was nice to be able to place red,white, and blue flowers on the ground. 
Before we headed on the road we stopped at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier and had the privilege to see the changing of the guard. 

Visiting D.C. and heading home a different route then we came helping to bring a nice close to our vacation. It is always nice after a week away to head home and sleep in your own bed. There truly is no place like home and, even more, no place like your own comfy bed. 

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