July 17, 2008

2nd Anniversary

I can't believe it has been two years since Chris and I got married. Time sure does fly by. I was really excited for this anniversary because a couple of weeks ago Chris said that we were going someplace for our anniversary and that it was going to be a surprise. All he told me is that we are dropping Sloopy off at my parents house and then going to a place after that. He also said that at 4:00 there is going to be an activity and we had to wear a swimsuit. Hmm. what could we be doing? Many ideas ran through my head and I kept asking Chris for clues of where we were going and what we were going to do. I really had no clue and anxiously waited for July 15 to see what we were going to do. 
On July 14 we left Columbus and went to my parents house in Sidney to drop Sloopy off. We decided to go a night early so we could visit with my parents and so Sloopy could get comfortable at my parents house before we left. On July 15 we got up and then went out to lunch at CJ High Marks for lunch. This is a special place for us because this is where we had our rehearsal dinner before our wedding. Many fun memories of that night came back as we had our lunch and reminisced about the dinner and talked about the last two years. After lunch we headed back to my parents house for a little bit before it was time to go to the surprise place Chris had picked out. 
At 2:45 we left the house and headed towards downtown Sidney. Chris then took me to the Great Stone Castle which is close to downtown. I was so excited to be staying here because this is where we stayed on our wedding night. It is a castle that they converted into a bed and breakfast. It is so beautiful and cozy. When we arrived we were escorted up to the same room we stayed at on our wedding night. I was so excited and surprised to see a beautiful vase filled with red roses sitting on the night stand and two robes laying on the bed. The lady told us that at 4:00 we were going to be having a spa session. I couldn't believe it, this was the activity that Chris has planned. It was so romantic and thoughtful of him. 
We got into our bathing suites, put on our robes, and headed down to the spa in the castle. When we got downstairs we had a half hour couples mineral bath. It was in this jacuzzi tub with all kinds of minerals and bath salts. They had candles lit and music playing in the room as well. It was very romantic. After our bath we were then escorted into another room were we had an hour and a half couples massage! It was the most relaxing and best experience with Chris. It was nice to experience this with him. The room was also lit with candles and had soft music playing. After the massage we were then escorted upstairs to the breakfast nook for what they called a snack. It was more like a dinner! We had sandwiches,carrots, fruit, cheese and crackers, and carrot cake for dessert. After snack we changed and then walked around the castle grounds to take pictures and look at all the other rooms in the castle. We then went down to the reading room and had some peppermint hot chocolate and homemade chocolate chip cookies while we talked and hung out. After our snack we headed to the room and watched 27 Dresses for the remainder of the evening. 
The next morning we woke up at 8:30 and headed down to breakfast at 9:00 in the breakfast nook. We had  wonderful guy who had coffee, orange juice, coffee cake, cheese danish, an array of fruit, and the paper set out for us. The breakfast was served on nice china with gold plated silverware. It was so fancy and nice for breakfast. After the cozy meal, we headed up to the room to pack up and head back to my parents house.
When we got back to the house we were greeted by Sloopy and spent time with him until my parents came home. When they got home they took us out to dinner and we talked about what we did at the castle. I has such a wonderful second anniversary and was so surprised by what Chris had planned. It was very romantic and heartfelt!

Below is a montage of pictures from the castle. The first set of pictures are from the suite we stayed in called The Tigerwood Suite. The rest of the rooms are other rooms you can stay in at the castle. 

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