July 30, 2008

Best Concert Ever!

I am completely obsessed with Dave Matthews Band. I have been since high school. I have all their C.D.'s and have been to nine of their concerts. Well, now ten counting the one last night. Which brings me the reason of this post. IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVER! The concert was at the Crew Stadium in downtown Columbus. I was a little bit sad at first because this would be the first time I'd see them perform at this stadium since Germain closed. When we got there we went up to our seats. They were up in what I'd like to call c deck but they were really close to the stage. So it was awesome to see them from up high. It also allowed for more room to move around or sit because it wasn't as crowed up top. Dave came on stage at about 8:30 and rocked it out until a little after 11:00. They performed two new songs and they covered a 70's song that Chris new about called Sledgehammer,it was good. It was awesome to see the band members rock out and the amazing guitarist Tim Reynolds was there too! There is nothing like being with Chris and thousands of other people at the Crew stadium rocking out to Dave Matthews Band. They were amazing and jammed like not other. I had the best time and I can not wait to see them again!

This is the set list of the songs they played

Don't Drink the Water
One Sweet World
You Might Die Trying
So Damn Lucky
Dreaming Tree
Crash Into Me
When The World Ends
Two Step
The Maker
Eh Hee
Corn Bread
Jimi Thing
Anyone Seen The Bridge
To Much Intro
Tripping Billies
Ants Marching

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