September 30, 2008


I've been meaning to update my blog and I can't believe how quickly time flies by. The last post explained that I finally have a teaching job. This is a great explanation as to why it has taken me so long for an update. It has been going pretty good at school. Now that most of our resources are in and we have a teachers aid. It is crazy how much work goes into a day to prepare the wee little ones for life. It is still hard to believe sometimes that I finally have my own class and my own room. I guess because it took so long to get to this point in my life that it is taking a while to fully sink in and believe that yes, this is real, and yes I do have my own room. 

I have 19 students and for the most part they are a group of good kids. The occasional shouting out or getting out of the chairs are minor incidents that can be dealt with and taught. I did however have quit a shock when one of my little kids decided they wanted to bend my finger all the way back and punch me in the arm because they didn't want to pick up a piece of paper. I am shocked to think that the child even did that. I can remember in school the worst thing a child did to a teacher was talk back or make a face. Things have changed with kids these days. This is for sure. Anyways enough of school, let me update what else has been going on. Don't get to excited it's not that entertaining but hey that is fine with me.

Here are the tidbits:
1. I have gone to two OSU football games and managed to sit behind a pole in B deck both times. It was still fun, had some great drinking before hand, enjoyed friends, and got to see two winning games. 
2.I had my picture taken with Gorden Gee along with Chris and Cole after a game while tailgating. That was fun, and man does he know how to rock out a bow tie and festive Buckeye pants.  
3. I saw Eagle Eye and Maid Of Honor. Two great movies and really enjoyed watching them. Especially Eagle Eye. It has a different ending which I was not expecting. It was a great watch for sure.
4. Celebrated mom's birthday with dad and Daniel. We went to a Japanese Chop House. It was entertaining and the food was pretty good. The only thing though is there were only about two Japanese people working there. I thought that the cooks had to be Japanese, guess not though. We then went to a bar and had a family drink. :) Good times

That is pretty much it in the tidbits for now. I know not really that exciting, but they were fun!

Picture is of Chris, me, Gordan Gee, and Cole

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