January 11, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside..

Watching the weather on Friday I got excited because it was telling me that this huge storm was on the way. We would get lots of snow and ice and major winter weather. But as usual the weather guys were wrong and we got hardly anything. Oh well I guess winter will take a little longer to dump massive amounts of snow on little ol' Blacklick. With what I thought was going to be bad weather coming I decided that I would do some crafting this weekend with stamps and my scrapbooking supplies. Chris got me the Cricut for Christmas. For those of you who do not know what that it, the Cricut is a little computer were you punch in different letters or shapes and it will cut the design out for you. The machine is awesome and can do a bazzilion things. I've been wanting to use the Cricut to make several projects because I have not had the chance to do much stamping because of teaching this year. I decided this weekend would be a great one for finally sitting down to craft. I went online and searched through several websites and blogs and decided that I would try this new challenge called Cupcake Craft Challenge. I love making cards and giving them to people so I thought this would be a fun activity to do. Each Monday they post a new challenge for creating a card. You then post your creation and they vote on the top five. I'm excited to see what this weeks challenge is because it will be the first one I take part in. I love being creative and it is relaxing for me when I get to make cards. I hope that I at least make the top 5 sometime in the Cupcake Craft Challenge. We will see.
My love for stamping and scrapbooking led me to a club in Dublin called stamp club. We meet once every other month and stamp projects that our instructor has for us to do and stamping items that we purchase from her. This past week we had a card swap. 12 of us made cards and then swapped them with each other. I came home with 12 different cards. It was really neat to see the different designs and skill levels of each card. I received several awesome ideas and tips from the card swap that I can't wait to do. I also received many complements from my card which I was proud of. I've only been stamping for a little over a year now and some of the ladies in the stamp club have been stamping for 10 years or so. It's nice to think that even though I'm considered an amateur I can still make cards nice just like the best of them. It's a great activity that I love. I hope to make numerous cards and crafts this summer while I'm off of school to sell at craft shows this coming fall. I love winter and the snow and having snowy weather gives me a great opportunity to stay inside and stamp.

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  1. I love the crafts you do. I always think they look so professional! :D

    Love ya!