June 16, 2009

Longaburger Trip

I've driven past the Longaberger headquarters basket a couple of times but I've never been in or to the homestead. My mom and I took a bus trip with some relatives to the headquarters and homestead. We boarded the charter bus in Dayton and headed over to the basket. On the way we played games and answered trivia questions for prizes. I actually won a prize! I'm usually not lucky enough to win drawings but my name was pulled. It is a cute tote bag that has a festive print on it and Longaberger printed on the front. The ladies gave out all kinds of prizes ranging from baskets to crockery. It was fun and made the trip over go quickly. Our first stop was at the headquarters office. It is built in the shape of their picnic basket. This building is huge and awesome on the inside. We were only allowed to tour the main floor but you could see to the top of the building and the basket handles overhead. The ceiling is made from glass and the handles are heated to make sure the glass doesn't ice over during the winter time.

After our stop at headquarters we boarded the bus and headed over to the homestead. This is where the factory is located and all the cute shops. I was excited to purchase a basket with cute organizing compartments in it for my desk at school. My mom and I walked around the factory and peeked our heads in to all the shops to do some shopping. In the middle of the homestead they have this huge basket filled with apples. I had to take a picture being a teacher in all.

They sure do like to make their baskets big at Longaberger. We had a great time and I enjoyed spending the day with my mom. We want to do the bus tour again and hopefully go back around Christmas time. I hear the homestead is really festive and neat that time of year.

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  1. WOOT that sounded like fun! Did you get to make a basket?? If you want a basket making buddy I'll tag along.. those are fun! I went with Daniel last winter and made one. It now holds all of Maddie's stuff :)